Communications Mini Fall 2021

Research & Understanding Audience

Mission Statement

Communications Mini Project 4

Communications Studio Mini: Fall 2021

  • Conduct rapid research to identify content themes and audience personas
  • Identify and understand key components of a visual system

Understanding the Mission & Purpose

Environments Studio Mini

Environments Mini 2021

Using clay, paper, and soap to represent natural and unnatural forms

  • Translate natural and human-made forms through various mediums
  • Able to translate how individual elements constitute a larger form
  • Develop 3D forms which have meaning and are aesthetically balanced and composed
  • Understand and speak to 3D form aesthetics, semantics, and their inherent

Exploring the Dynamics of the letter H and creating a short animation

Day 1: 03. 29. 2021 — Exploring the letterform “h”

Understanding the motions of an endangered animal through animation (Part 3 of 3)

  • Consider different levels of representation and interaction in 4D
  • Dissect form and speak to its aesthetics
  • Work with limited color to create meaning
  • Build a relationship between 2D static and kinetic forms, telling a story
  • 7 colors maximum
  • Use AfterEffects for the animation
  • Final dimensions: 1920 x 1080px…

Representing our endangered animal through 2d illustrations: Considering hierarchy, scale, and placement (Part 2 of 3)

  • Create a two-dimensional translation of your animal form and its habitat, in color, and on paper.
  • Integrate original text and imagery to tell a story to the viewer.
  • Text related with three levels of hierarchy (header, sub-header, body copy). Communicate animal’s habitat and why it is endangered.

Spoorthi Cherivirala

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